elijah sebastian elijah antonio sebastian • may 29, 1974 & 43 • born in barcelona, spain • resides in boston, massachusetts • chief technology officer at robotx • forever single comicverse etcetera storylines
The oldest of three children, Elijah Sebastian was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. There's not much to say about his childhood that would surprise anyone given how terribly normal it all was. His parents were nothing short of perfect, loving and devoted to their children. Aside from a fit of jealousy when his younger brother was born, Elijah wasn't the type of sibling to bully. He loved his siblings and asserted early on that the only one allowed to pick on them was Elijah himself.

It could be noted that his career path had been chosen for him before he even realized it, but not by his parents or anything like that. The first year he received Legos for Christmas was the beginning of it all, really. It was because of that childhood toy that he developed a knack for building things. Eventually, Legos turned into other components and soon he was taking apart applicances and other household items to figure out what made them tick. As technology evolved, so did his passion for understanding them. Eventually, he was to the point of trying to make things on his own. His parents were convinced he was going places and proud of that. Elijah wasn't yet thinking in the long term; he was too busy dealing with average problems for kids his age, like bullying and puberty. Being smart wasn't the "cool" thing for a teenager in early 1980s, so he did well to hide it from everyone while keeping his grades practically flawless. He stayed out of trouble all the while trying to impress the girls in his class. It didn't take him long to learn that being personable was more important than intelligence.

When the time came for him to start making decisions about his future, his first thought was going abroad. He wasn't thinking career paths or anything of the sort, but after some pushing from his parents, he realized his hobby could actually put him on a good path in life. Elijah applied to colleges and universities all over the globe but was only accepted to a few of them. To his surprise, one of those few was MIT. Never in a mllion years would he have imagined that they'd look at a nobody from Barcelona whose first language wasn't English, but a few short months after receiving his acceptance letter, he was on American soil and hugging his parents goodbye.

The atmosphere at MIT sucked him in immediately. Here, it was okay to be intelligent, to embrace his passions. because everyone else was doing the same. Elijah thrived and made friends quickly. He was happy. He had a goal in life. More importantly, he had a major: electrical engineering. His courseload wasn't overwhelming, nor was it a struggle, so he eventually decided to add a second major in physics. This was just what he needed, though to others it still appeared that he glided through his four years without any issues.

In truth, he didn't encounter any real trouble until he met a certain woman in graduate school. It wasn't a tough decision, figuring out if he would continue his education or attempt to dive into the workforce. Elijah figured his prospects would be better with more degrees under his belt, and gaining citizenship was very much an issue at that time in his life. Maybe, on some level, it was what led him to make a dumb mistake. At the time, it seemed as if he was madly in love with the brunette from California, but what he mistook for love was actually passion and lust in disguise. He didn't realize it until months after they had gotten a little carried away and eloped, but then again, neither had she. The truth was, underneath all that passion was two people who didn't really know one another at all. Hell, it could even be said that neither truly liked the person they were getting to know once the excitement began to fade away. They cared enough about one another to keep things civil until he was able to take the final steps towards citizenship, but once that was said and done, they parted ways.

It was a lesson learned for Elijah. Ever since, he has been on his guard, choosing to enjoy the company of others but never taking things too far out of fear of being blinded again. Maybe he hasn't met the right person; women sure like to tell him that as he's ending things after a few dates, at least. Elijah hasn't bought much into it, but the truth is, they're probably right. The problem is, he doesn't give himself the chance to find out. His failing marriage was the driving factor in convincing him to team up with a fellow MIT alum at a little company called Robotx. He has been working there as the Chief Technology Officer since the company's founding. The bullies from Barcelona probably couldn't say they've accomplished anything nearly as awesome, but Elijah hasn't thought about them in years.
iron man (tony stark)
Tony Stark was enrolled in boarding school at six, where he would soon start experimenting with erector sets. He went on to be his high school valedictorian. He then joins an undergraduate program at MIT where he majored in physics and engineering. Double majors in physics and engineering were easy for him. He drifted into his 20's and became the idle rich. Shiftless and rootless and traipsed around the world turning into a jet set playboy adventurer. When he was 21, he inherited his father's business, Stark Industries, and within a few years turned it into a multi-billion dollar industry complex whose chief contracts were for advanced weaponry and munitions for the U.S. government. (READ MORE)

• Middle name is the Spanish version of Anthony.
• Last name has the same beginning letter as Stark..
• He has the same birthday as his MCU counterpart.
• Both attended MIT and have various degrees in physics, mechanical engineering, etc.
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abilities • Super-genius level intellect
• Biological enhancements
• Expert engineer
• Expert businessman
• Expert tactician
• Skilled hand-to-hand combatant
• Skilled martial artist
• Trained marksman
• Indomitable will
• Multilingual

itemsModel-Prime Armor (more info here)
• Endo-Sym Armor
• Bleeding Edge Armor
Briefcase for armor
• SHIELD Quinjet
• Iron Sight
• Flying Ferrari
• Stark tower

memories • Memories of the Avengers
• Memories of Iron Man
• Memories of Tony Stark

quick facts
• Stupidly got married while he was in graduate school. The two thought they were in love, but once the initial passion wore off, they realized they couldn't stand one another. Once Elijah's citizenship was official, they got divorced.

• He prefers to keep his personal life private, but the truth is that Elijah hasn't dated anyone long term since he got divorced.

• He has a tattoo the atom on his left leg.

• Elijah has always been close to his younger brother, Julian.
• B.S. in Electrical Engineering from MIT
• B.S. in Physics from MIT
• SM in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT